Wake up in the morning and have some coffee while sitting on your balcony or patio looking at the gorgeous ocean view or majestic rain forest.  Have a light breakfast of fruit harvested on site available at the hotel lobby or at your villa.

Decide that day to visit the amazing villages and views along the Atlantic coast starting at the Speyside Overlook gazing from the mountain top at Little Tobago and Goat Island.  Head down into the village of Speyside and take a boat ride to some of the most incredible snorkeling you could want.  Have lunch in Speyside on great local menus.  Continue on to Kings Bay for a refreshing swim and local refreshments.  Next stop at Flagstaff Hill for views up and down the coast that was a US Navy lookout spot during WW II.  Finally head down to famous Charlotteville with Pirates Bay and warm beaches to enjoy.


Explore the Caribbean coast. Spending time on spectacular beaches where you might be the only ones on a half mile long beach.  Castara, Englishman’s Bay, Parlatuvier, and Bloody Bay all offer one of a kind beaches, with food and drink readily available.  Waterfalls are just a short walk up from the beaches and are not to be missed.  You might find steel pans being played, or a beach campfire and cookout as you go.


Take a hike in the oldest rain forest in the western hemisphere. See hummingbirds, parrots, Mot Mots, crabs, and far more species of both animals, birds, and flora.


Visit the western and developed end of the island with restaurants, bars, beaches, stores, and historic sites.  Stop by Pigeon Point or Store Bay for a swim and some lunch with local cooking.

Many, many days to just sit back and enjoy the resort.  Wonderful pools, great beach, spa, fitness center, and food and beverages available wherever you look.


Enjoy Tobago and it’s incredible uniqueness!