Elephant Tree Beach Club and Villas is located on the southern coast of Tobago, between the villages of Argyle and Roxborough on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.  Tobago is part of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, and is governed by a very stable democracy in place since the nation separated from the United Kingdom in 1962.  


The Island of Tobago is known worldwide for it's incredible beauty, friendly locals, and much more. There is world class diving, birding, rainforest hiking, and fabulous food.


Economy and Culture

The two islands feature very different cultures with Trinidad being a business center with rich oil and natural gas reserves providing the income for the island, while Tobago thrives on it’s low key tourism industry.  Tourism in Tobago is driven by the incredible, untouched beaches, diving on spectacular reefs, birdwatching in and around the rainforest, history, and fabulous food and drink.  Each village in Tobago has it’s own history and landmarks, and has yearly events such as Harvest Festivals, Old-time weddings (and new beachfront ones too), and celebrates more holidays than any other country in the world.  Diversity is main stream on Tobago with innumerable cultures and religions, and warm smiles and tolerance for all.  Tobago is home to over 200 species of birds,  reptiles, countless varieties of fish, and surprisingly, ABSOLUTELY no poisonous snakes, spiders or predatory mammals.  



Tobago is outside of the hurricane zone and as such has not been struck directly by a hurricane since 1963.  


The airport in Tobago is modern with jumbo jet service from Europe, flights from major cities in the USA, and connecting flights from Trinidad and many other islands in the Caribbean.  Visas are not required.  Health care is also up to date and is free for tourists. 

Small tourist vehicles offer trips around the island and many boats are available for cruises and diving trips.  The world famous Bucco Reef offers many glass bottom boat rides as well.