Two bedroom villas have a starting price of $330,000. USD (roughly $2,245,000. TT), with three bedroom villas starting at $385,000. USD (roughly $2,620,000. TT), and three bedroom oceanfront villas starting at $575,000. USD (roughly $3,910,000. TT).  Prices are subject to change as sales progress rapidly.


Purchase Contract:  Our uniform purchase contract has several notable points.  As a down payment at signing, a Ten Percent Deposit (10%) is required.  Once the foundation for the building of which that specific villa is in, another Ten Percent Deposit (10%) is required.  No further payments are required until closing.  All deposits are going into a bank’s escrow account, and will not be used by the developers during construction.  If the villa under contract is not completed within 24 months after signing of the purchase contract, the purchaser can elect to withdraw from the purchase and receive their deposits back from escrow.

Financial projections for purchasers putting their villa into the rental pool except for personal use time:  Financial projections are available for two bedroom, three bedroom, and oceanfront villas, with expected rental income based upon timing during the year, operating costs, management, and potential debt service.  Projections are however, just that.  Many items can affect them such as highs and lows of worldwide tourism, wars, droughts, etc..  Available upon request.